Learning from the Columbus Hockey Coaches Summit 2021

CHCS 2021 Lessons

We are going to hit an element or two from each presentation without going into full depth. Each presentation is linked to the title of their presentation. You can always find them all on our YouTube Playlist.

Dan Dukart, Transition Hockey

42% of goals are scored within 5-seconds of a zone entry. There are about 400 turnovers in an NHL game.

The 4 roles through transition

  • Offense = Creating scoring chance

  • Defense to Offense = Create high danger chance

  • Defense = Prevent scoring chance

  • Offense to Defense = Prevent high danger chance

Tyler Iffland + Joe Hrabek, Effective Communication with Officials

Pre-Game (build rapport)

  • Sense of humor - start with some jokes

  • Discussion about the game - is your team working on the PP? How’s the season gone so far?

  • Ask about communication style and ways to get their attention

During the game (2-way communication)

  • Questions, not accusations - “What did you see?”

  • Tone - Softer and manageable

  • Body language - be approachable

Jon Cara, Principles of Power Skating

Ankle Flexion + Lacing & Eyelets

  • The effects of lacing and how many eyelets laced effect ankle and knee bend.

Glide + Flats

  • Elements and importance of glide within great skating. Energy, stability, and agility.

  • How a player’s awareness and ability to manage their flats affects weight transfers and skating efficiency

  • Ability to unweight and increase their agility

Dave Caruso, You Are A Goalie Coach!

Understanding that a coach’s/teacher’s most important responsibility is to create an environment rather than prescribing solutions

We explored the difference between a Zoo tiger vs Jungle tiger

  • Zoo - predictable and easy

  • Jungle - unpredictable and challenging

The jungle tiger learns more and is able to handle challenges much better. Therefore the focus should be on creating a jungle environment for our goalies. There are 3 elements - context, challenging, and constant decision making

What that looks like in practice is that goalies should have opponents, defenders, and be realistic.

Greg Revak, Angling: For Defense, For Offense

This presentation is built off our newsletter pieces on angling

On defense, we looked at the classic F1 angling and then modern D angling. On offense, we looked at how to control angling opponent’s feet and positioning.

Kenny Rausch, Elements of Effective Practice

Key 5 elements of a practice

  • Constant decision making

  • Challenging

  • Puck touches

  • Game-like

  • Fun

Games are the tests each week while practices are the study sessions. Practice should not look pretty and clean. The game isn’t clean.

Matt Koch, Character Development from 8U to 14U and beyond

Matt has coached every level college and under. He’s had many levels and types of kids. His LifeU program of Akron.

8U - Creating passion —> 10U - Ownership —> 12U - Responsibility —> 14U - Leadership

These things are not efficient, but that’s imperative of development. There needs to be space for players to explore.

Failure with reflection is a great teacher. Mistake protocol

  1. Acknowledge

  2. Apologize

  3. Learn

  4. Drive on

Jack Han, 2021 NHL Tactics Recap

DZ Coverage - Protect middle vs cut the top

NZ Coverage - 1-2-2 vs 1-1-3

  • The more aggressive the offense, the more you’ll see a passive system like 1-1-3

OZ Forecheck - 1-1-2 vs 2-1-2

Offensive rush - Rush vs 3 High

OZ Play - 2-3 funnel vs 2-3 active Ds

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