Dictating the Game: Offensive Angling

Offensive Strategy to combat quality angling

In part one of this series, we talked through how defenders can become the aggressors by reading and dictating rather than reading and reacting.

After reading this post, we hope to give forwards/attackers some tactics that will help transform how you can carry the puck and attack oppositional defenses. You’ll be questioning why past coaches didn’t teach you how to successfully counter players that take great angles.

Controlling the defenders skates

When you skate at the player trying to angle you, you can lock the opponent’s skates to face you. One fake or move and you’ve got them beat. The below video shows how effective this can be.

Saving Ice

The other benefit of being able to control the defenders positioning and skates is that it allows you to leave ice open. You can save that open ice for when you decide to utilize it.

Too often, weaker players will skate themselves into bad positions. Great players who understand how to control an opponent’s skates are able to leave quality ice open until the opportune time. Check out this textbook example from Torey Krug.

Short, sweet, and totally changes how you attack the game.

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