How Do Players Receive the Puck Around the Rink?

Where and how players receive the puck on the rink at 5v5

Domenic Galamini Jr of Stathletes put out a fascinating graphic looking at how/where NHL players receive the puck at 5v5.

The Chart

(Attacking direction is toward the top, defending toward the bottom)

Reading the Chart

Advance Recovery = Off a dump in

Unsurprisingly, most dumps are recovered behind the net. This is where the goalie is best able to get out and stop the dump in

Direct Pass = Tape to Tape

This is majority of the ice and in the spaces that allow the biggest amount of freedom of movement to make and receive passes.

Indirect Pass = Tape to Space

These plays are made mostly into the corner. It’s a release for a D to D pass or way to switch play in the offensive zone.

Loose Puck Recovery = 50/50 battles

While another “d'uh” moment, these again make sense. Many battles happen along the boards and pucks squirt free into these spots.

Shot Recovery = Rebounds

This is the space that is best covered by the defense. It’s very difficult to complete passes within this space. So it makes sense that the way you would receive a puck in this space is off a rebound.

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