Adult League: Score more, suck less

Part 1 - How to score more goals in adult league

Welcome to Part 1 of a three-part mini-series focusing on scoring more goals in your local beer league. Check out the other posts - Part 2 (suck less) & Part 3 (play better defense).

In my area, we have an adult league called “The slacker league”.

The people are awesome. Many of them picked up the game later in life or picked up hockey when their kids started playing. All of them have an amazing passion for hockey. I love it.

Some of these teams pay for a dedicated locker room at the rink. Multiple teams actually hold practice sessions and almost all tailgate the games in some fashion. It’s awesome. Just check out the league championship trophy:

As a rink rat, I get two common questions from these players who want to do well, but lacked and continue to lack coaching. (1) How do I score more goals + (2) How do I suck less (Note: Nobody asks how to play better defense, but we’ll help out there anyway...).

How to score more goals

Pretty obvious. Everyone wants to score more. Here are a few tips:

1) Funnel to the net. When the pucks are heading or about to head to the net… do the same!

2) Stop at the net. Once at the net, stop there… with your stick on the ice in a ready position.

3) Shoot low. Goalies, especially newer goalies, really struggle to move in the crease and stop the low shots. Directly over the leg pad is a great spot and even on the ice often works. The majority of the NHL goals are scored on the lower half of the net. When in doubt, go low.

4) Go 5-hole. Low is a preferred spot of perennial goal scorers. Those with the ability to pick their spot can start to pick out the 5-hole (space between the goalie’s legs). Movement side to side is key.

5) Be patient. Taking a shot isn’t always the best answer. Using deception to fake the shot then pass is often the best move.

There you go, 5 helpful ways to score more goals.

Tag me if you have video of yourself using these hints to score some goals!

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Check out the other posts - Part 2 (suck less) & Part 3 (play better defense).